Bus Setra 416 GTHD

Setra 416 GTHD
Setra 416 GTHD
Setra 416 GTHD
Number of seats
48 + 2 (1st floor)

Travel enjoying every minute of your journey with the Setra 416 GTHD bus.

Every detail of this bus is dedicated to relaxation and comfort. The bus has a low floor, which makes it easier for passengers to get on and off. With soft and adjustable seats, you can set the perfect fit, and thanks to the legroom, you can sit and relax comfortably even on long journeys.

The Setra 416 GTHD also features modern technology. The air conditioning system ensures an optimum interior temperature by providing a pleasant climate in any weather. Passengers can enjoy a smooth and quiet journey without being distracted by outside noise thanks to the soundproofing. And, of course, a high-quality audio system allowing to enjoy your music while traveling.

Modern active braking and stabilization systems ensure reliability and control on the road. The high level of safety also includes a tire pressure monitoring system ensuring reliability and stability in all road conditions.

Whether on a long journey, a group trip, or a business trip, the Setra 416 GTHD is your reliable and stylish partner. Travel in comfort, enjoy safety, and have unforgettable experiences with us!

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