Rules of Passenger Transportation

A ticket is a personalized travel document for bus travel. It is forbidden to give it to another passenger for use.

The passenger may not make any corrections to the ticket.

The passenger must arrive at the stop no later than 30 minutes before the departure of the bus.

Passengers must confirm their trip by telephone 72 hours before departure. Without confirmation, we reserve the right to sell the seat indicated on the unconfirmed ticket without refunding the fare.

Passengers can use an open-date return ticket within 6 months of the first trip.

Passengers can register an open date only once by calling the office at least seven days before departing, provided the seats are available.
Important note! During the summer and holiday seasons, seats on the bus may be sold out two weeks in advance or earlier.

If the paid return trip does not take place due to the passenger's fault, the ticket is not eligible refund.

A lost ticket is not eligible for replacement or a refund.

Valuables in hand luggage are the responsibility of the passenger.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The bus driver has the right to refuse transportation to passengers who do not have official documents (no visa or expired visa, no ticket, no money).

In case of a passenger detention by the border authorities that causes a significant delay in the trip, the driver has the right to continue the journey without the passenger and a fare refund.

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