Bus Setra 416 GTHD/2

Setra 416 GTHD/2
Setra 416 GTHD/2
Setra 416 GTHD/2
Number of seats
40 + 2 (1st floor)

The Setra 416 GTHD/2 is a combination of style and innovation.

The design of every detail of this bus is elegant and modern. Clean lines and high-quality materials create a cozy atmosphere that envelops every passenger.

One of the main advantages of the Setra 416 GTHD/2 is its spacious and functional interior. The ample legroom and luxurious seats create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment during the journey. You can choose any seat in the interior and feel almost at home.

Air conditioning, DVD player, microphone, refrigerator, and toilet ensure passenger comfort during the journey. You can watch movies, listen to music, chat with friends, or relax and enjoy the view from the window. Thanks to the high-quality sound insulation, you can enjoy the peace inside the bus and forget the noise outside.

The Setra 416 GTHD/2 has advanced safety systems to ensure your safety on the road. Active braking and stabilization systems guarantee maximum control of the bus and give you a feeling of confidence and protection. The tire pressure monitoring system ensures stability and reliability in all road conditions.

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