Bus Van Hool T916 ACRON

Van Hool T916 ACRON
Van Hool T916 ACRON
Van Hool T916 ACRON
Number of seats
49 + 1 (1st floor)

It is a comfortable and modern coach that is ideal for long journeys.

One of the main features that sets the Van Hool T916 ACRON bus apart from other tourist buses is its large interior with comfortable seats, wide aisles, and panoramic windows that provide excellent visibility. You can enjoy peace and comfort thanks to adjustable seat backrests and ample legroom.

The bus has air conditioning, a stereo system, and other modern technologies. They make the trip even more pleasant, while the air conditioning ensures an optimal interior temperature by providing a pleasant climate in any weather. Thanks to the soundproofing, you can enjoy a smooth and quiet ride without being distracted by outside noise. And don't forget our modern entertainment system, which allows you to watch your favorite movies and enjoy music while traveling.

Van Hool T916 ACRON features advanced safety systems to ensure your comfort on the road. Active braking and stabilization systems guarantee maximum control in all conditions.

Open the world of comfort, safety, and reliability with the Van Hool T916 ACRON bus, designed to satisfy all travelers' wishes and create unforgettable impressions.

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