Lviv is an important historical and cultural center of Ukraine. The city has gone through a thorny path of ups and downs and has a unique, somewhat sentimental atmosphere. It is home to magnificent temples, cathedrals, churches and places of worship, unusual museums, exciting exhibitions, and major festivals.

Market Square (Ploshcha Rynok) was founded in the 13th century during the rule of Prince Lev Danilovich and was the center of trade and public life in the medieval town for many years. Austrian and Italian architects designed forty-four stone and brick buildings on the square. They were built mainly in Renaissance style with some Gothic elements. A complex of fountains is the centerpiece of the square. Also, there are the Magistrate's Office, the Museum-Pharmacy Under the Black Eagle", the Korniakt Palace with its romantic Italian Courtyard, the Postal Museum (in the Bandinelli Palace), the Lubomirski Palace, the Black House Museum of History, museums of uniforms, furniture, porcelain, etc.
The square has preserved the spirit of the Middle Ages. It is paved with cobblestones. Eight streets lead from the square in different directions. And there are many sights to see on each one. Visitors will find street cafés and outdoor tables of restaurants in the recreation area in the warmer seasons. One can listen to the music of Strauss and take a Latin Salsa lesson on the square.

The City Hall is a large rectangular building with a high tower and a big clock. Sculptures of Neptune, Amphitrite, Adonis, and Diana surround the City Hall. Visitors can climb 400 steps to the viewing platform on the top of it.
The city has also been the setting for movies about old Europe. Fairs and festivals like Leopolis Jazz Fest, Night in Lviv, For Coffee in Lviv, and Golden Lion annually held here.

The park of the High Castle (Vysokuj Zamok) has two terraces and settles on the sides of Zamkova Hill. The castle has not been there for a long time, except for a small part that remains. The park occupies 36,2 hectares. There is a gardener's house, a viewing platform, a memorial plaque in honor of Maksym Kryvonos, and a stone dedicated to the victory of the Polish king John III on the lower terrace. The upper terrace is 413 meters above sea level. There is another observation platform on an artificial hill. A spectator will have a clear view of Lviv, an incredible panorama of the old and new city from the High Castle. One has to climb a lot of stairs to admire this scenery. Visitors to the park have the pleasure of walking along the stone serpentine and enjoying the poetic landscapes.

The Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska, was built in 1897-1900. The architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski was the author of its design. The building is adorned in Renaissance and Baroque styles. Both the interior and exterior of the building are richly decorated with sculptures. Marble and gold leaf were used for the decoration of the interior. The Opera's auditorium has the shape of a lyre. Parterre, balconies, and loggias painted in white and gilded. Gypsum atlases, caryatids, muses, genii, and Hermes adorn the balconies. A bronze chandelier designed by Z. Gorgolewski himself crowns the round ceiling of the hall. Today's Opera House is the venue of operas, operettas, ballet, dramas, and concert programs. Also, it hosts festivals and exhibitions.

Potocki Palace

The Potocki Palace was built for special occasions and is now an art gallery for European art. A wrought-iron gate decorates the front facade of the Potocki Palace. A picturesque terrace is behind the building.

The viewing terrace of the Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth

The church is near the railway station and has the only tower observation deck in Lviv at a height of 55 meters. From there, visitors can enjoy amazing views of the whole city.
The church's history is one of the most romantic stories of the city. Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph built it in memory of his beloved wife. Elisabeth did not know how much her husband loved her until her death. Their love story was so sad that many guests couldn't hold back tears during the tour, but this place deserves some tissues.

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