Rent a Bus with a Driver

Our company rents EURO-5 class coaches to organize comfortable and safe trips for groups and companies across Ukraine or abroad.

Bus rental is a good solution for tourist trips, corporate events, and other activities. If you are planning an international trip, choosing an EURO-5 class bus may be a necessary condition for compliance with the rules and regulations of international transportation.

Our buses offer a high level of comfort and safety and comply with strict European environmental standards. They have lower emissions into the environment, which can be essential for travel in environmentally sensitive areas or national parks.

ADLER TRANS buses are suitable for long-distance travel. They feature modern safety systems, air conditioning, comfortable seats, video and audio entertainment systems, Wi-Fi, and other amenities. Everything to ensure passengers have a pleasant journey and a comfortable rest.

Our buses have a large passenger capacity. One bus can accommodate up to 57 passengers, so groups can get together and enjoy traveling together instead of splitting up and renting multiple vehicles. Ensure a comfortable trip and the safety of all passengers, and save on fuel costs by choosing this type of transportation.

We guarantee that all our buses are in excellent technical condition and undergo regular technical inspections.

The cost of renting a bus also includes the driver's services.

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Наш автопарк:
Кількість місць:
40+2 (1st floor)
The SETRA 415 HD is a high-class coach characterized by comfort, safety, and economy. This coach offers a spacious interior with individual lighting, ventilation, and an audio system. The high level of safety of the bus is ensured by active safety
Кількість місць:
57+3 (1st floor)
The SETRA 517 HD bus is a comfortable means of transportation with the highest level of passenger comfort in its class. The bus has an excellent air-conditioning system: the air is evenly distributed over the front and rear parts of the interior so
Кількість місць:
40+2 (1st floor)
The Setra 415 GT-HD is a comfortable and modern touring coach, ideal for long journeys. It offers a spacious interior with comfortable seats, wide aisles, and panoramic windows that provide excellent visibility. Modern coach safety systems, such as
Кількість місць:
48 + 2 (1st floor)
Travel enjoying every minute of your journey with the Setra 416 GTHD bus. Every detail of this bus is dedicated to relaxation and comfort. The bus has a low floor, which makes it easier for passengers to get on and off. With soft and adjustable
Кількість місць:
40 + 2 (1st floor)
The Setra 416 GTHD/2 is a combination of style and innovation. The design of every detail of this bus is elegant and modern. Clean lines and high-quality materials create a cozy atmosphere that envelops every passenger. One of the main advantages
Кількість місць:
49 + 1 (1st floor)
It is a comfortable and modern coach that is ideal for long journeys. One of the main features that sets the Van Hool T916 ACRON bus apart from other tourist buses is its large interior with comfortable seats, wide aisles, and panoramic windows
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